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Information for Job Seekers

Your Employment Success (Y.E.S) in Adelaide, South Australia are leading specialist employment providers for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. We work with you to find employment that best suits your needs, skills and personality. We can also assist you with gaining education to further your skills to achieve your employment goal.

Your Employment Success understands your hearing loss and how it can affect you in the workplace. We can organise workplace modifications to help you cope with everyday work situations. Workplace modifications may be able to help you hear better on the phone, or improve safety in the workplace; EG Flashing emergency lights.  Every workplace modification is tailored to your specific needs.

What do we provide?

  • Personal and individual programs
  • Career advice, planning and assistance
  • Vocational Education assistance
  • Resume and job application assistance
  • Job search
  • Help with apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Confidence building, support and counselling
  • Help with Centrelink
  • Workplace support
  • Training support and interpreting, if required
  • Work experience trials
  • Workplace modifications
  • Help with becoming self-employed
  • Auslan interpreting for all employment-related situations, as required

Who can access Y.E.S

If you are: Deaf or Hard of Hearing, looking for work, and assessed as eligible for a service funded by the Australian Government – then we can assist you! Staff are fluent Auslan users, have an understanding of Deaf culture and have specialist skills to assist the Deaf or people who have a hearing loss.

Expectations of you as a Y.E.S. participant

  • Be assessed at Centrelink as eligible
  • Open to exploring opportunities
  • Assisting in Job search
  • Attend appointments
  • Be able to work for more than 8 hours per week


You can be referred by Centrelink, ESat/JCA, another service, by a family member or by yourself.

contact us to find out more information!

Work Assist

Are you currently employed but having problems at work?  If your answer was yes – Y.E.S can assist!

We specialise in understanding the breakdown of communication and the resulting effects to your self-esteem and confidence at work. If you are currently in employment and are not receiving services from another agency, but need help to keep your job then we can assist.

Your Employment Success can support you and your employer to work through problems to overcome communication difficulties you are experiencing. Employees and/or employers can contact Y.E.S and start the process of finding the tools required to improve communication and sustain long term employment.

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